Saturday, January 31, 2009

Christmas Nostalgia

Playing Santa was not a role that she relished.

Family Album

This is Uncle David and Auntie Dana when they were about Piera's age. And here's Mama:

Bad Cat

Get out of Piera's stroller, Diego.

A Broken Swing

Piera's new Fisher Price swing isn't working. Someone agreed he would take it back to the store and exchange it. That was a week ago. Hint, hint...


Piera is an Italian name derived from the Greek word, petrus, meaning stone or cliff.

This is a view of the cliffs on the Italian island of Capri where Mommy and Daddy went on vacation last fall. It was so pretty!

New Dress

Eat your heart out, babies.

Terms of Endearment

Names which our little monkey answers to: Princess, Honey, Munchkin, P.P., Little Girl, Hungry Little Girl, Pretty Girl, Sweetie, Sweet Pea, Bunny, Lovebug. Oh, and Piera.

Little Acorn

Piera owns this darling acorn print hat from Janie and Jack.

Face-Off: Graco Versus Eames

Wonder if we should inform the folks at Babies R' Us that our dear little daughter prefers Mommy's Eames rocker to her Graco UFO-inspired papasan chair. Really. She told us so.


This is Piera in her bassinet. Not asleep. As in, wide awake. She prefers to catch her shuteye in her stroller. Her carseat. Her swing. Mommy and Daddy's arms. Mommy and Daddy's bed. Pretty much anywhere other than her bassinet.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Breakdancing Sequence

Otherwise known as, "They think they're going to change my diaper."

Eskimo Kiss

Why we procreate.


Piera's middle name, Lily, is after her great granny, Lillian Craig.


Daddy thinks this bathrobe makes Piera look like a member of the Ku Klux Klan. But the orange trim is so Hermes-chic!

First Comes Love, Marriage...

And fruit salad. Grandma designed this sweet watermelon baby "carriage" for Mommy's shower last fall. It's a fresh take on the played-out melon "basket" you've seen at fancy buffets everywhere. Love it!

One Baby, A Bajillion Pairs Of Socks

Piera's favorite brand is Trumpette. Imagine how many pairs you'd need if you gave birth to octuplets.

White After Labor Day?

Yes sirree.


Dada wants Piera to learn to be a pitcher.

She's a little young, Daddy!

Like Apples To Oranges

Why do baby scales always remind Mommy of the produce section at the grocery store?

Mouth Wide Open

Is our little glamazon training for the opera? Pretending she's at the dentist? Trying to catch a worm? Or maybe she just thinks Auntie Dana is B-O-R-I-N-G.

Auld Lang Syne

This is how Piera rang in her first New Year's Eve.

Hey, it was a lot more entertaining than watching a ball drop on TV.

Child's Pose

Sometimes babies don't seem to realize they've been born. Piera favors this snail-like position that probably suited her well in cramped quarters. C'mon little lady, stretch it out!

Through The Eyes Of A Babe

Piera understands that father knows best—except why the heck is he wearing a burp cloth?

Budget Fashionista

Hospital receiving blankets, with their bold turquoise and pink stripes, are totally retro chic. And they're free. When we left the Birth Center, one of the midwives advised us to "take everything". Unfortunately, the jacuzzi did not fit in our diaper bag.

Meeting Papa

LinkPiera visited with her great grandfather, Papa Thibault. He thought she was a boy, but she wasn't offended. In fact, she slept through the whole thing.

Hair Barrettes

Fact: You are never too young to accessorize.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Love it or hate it, it's a great excuse to dress your kid like a bear.


When thumbsucking just wont cut it, our little epicurean cultivates the art of full fist finger noshing. That, or she's biting her nails.


How is it possible to look this cute when you're mad?

Food For Thought

According to The New York Times, 3 out of 4 modern-day moms try nursing, but most ditch it by six months in.

Well, you try being on the receiving end of a barracuda.


Lots of girls have a Grandpa, but not everyone has a "Jeff" (That's what Piera calls her Gramps). Gramps—er, Jeff—is always down for a game of "This Little Piggy". Rad.

Baby Socks


The UFO Chair

Being a parent makes you do things you would otherwise not do, like picking your child's nose...or allowing something that looks like an unidentified flying object to make its way into your house. Too bad this one makes Piera cross-eyed.

The Cheeks Say It All

Piera is not a picky eater.

Spoiled Rotten

Even at the hospital, Grandma was already at it.


This is Piera's changing table. Mommy told her to save the really dirty stuff for when it's Daddy's turn, but so far Piera hasn't listened. At all. Tsk, tsk.

"How Old Is He?"

Seriously? It's a question we hear a lot. People always think Piera is a boy. Maybe it's cuz Mommy often dresses her like one.

By the way, Daddy is a Red Sox fanatic.

Proud Mommy

OMG, it's that outfit again. Nevermind. Mama is just beaming here. (Okay, okay, she just came from a massage, but still...).

Bad Hair Day

Actually, Grandma was just bored.