Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eleuthera Island

There were so many things that Piera loved about the Bahamas, including floating in the salty Caribbean, sitting on the beach in her Old Navy two-piece and watching the amazing sunset.

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Braid

Chrissy gave little Pipi her first braid. Here, P. shows off her sweet new 'do while chilling on the couch with Bennett.

The Bubbly

Piera was psyched to discover a bottle of champagne in her Auntie Michelle's purse.


Having your own child at your wedding is both wonderful and difficult--wonderful because you feel so lucky they can be there with you and difficult because you're being pulled in so many directions and have almost no time to spend with them.

Mommy and Piera barely had any time together all weekend. But they did get lovely pictures like this one.

Outside, Looking In

The world's sweetest sight....

More Than A Football

Piera weighs 23 lbs now--that's more than the footballs Uncle David usually carries around.

Flower Power

How fun are these hippie-print PJs from BabyGap?

Dinner Attire

Two messy babies (Piera and Siena), two hard-to-stain colored bibs. Check, check.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Second Cousins

Piera loved hanging out in the lawn overlooking Burke Mountain with her second cousins, Chloe (3) and Katie (23 months).

Sling Fun

Friends and family took turn carrying Piera in the Ella Roo baby sling. Piera was a big fan!

Pretty Dresses

Carolyn and Piera turned up in bright prints at Mommy and Daddy's rehearsal barbeque.

Petting Zoo

At the petting zoo there were goats and the cutest baby cows: Piera was quited amused by all the animal sounds!

Loklan, 10 Weeks

Piera's younger man-friend Loklan visited us in Vermont—he's grown so much!

The Meadow

Mommy and little P. took pictures in the meadow the day after the wedding. The light was so beautiful.

Chubby Thighs

Recently, Dada and Mama noticed something strange on Piera's body: Little white tan lines in the creases of her thighs and arms! Here she is showing them—and her new short shorts from Janie and Jack—off in the midst of Danville, Vermont's great corn maze.

Good Jeans

Mommy is a big believer in dressing little girls like little girls, but sometimes even she can't resist a cute pair of jeans. Thank you Adara for this great hand-me-down pair!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Making It Official

Apologies for our absence: Mommy and Daddy were off getting married here, and Piera went with them. Above are some highlights.

PS. Happy first birthday, Owen!!!