Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Things

The "25 Things About Me" craze is sweeping the Internet. Here are 25 things about Piera:

1. When she was born she weighed 7 lbs, 14 oz and was 21 inches long. Two weeks later, she weighed 7 lbs, 13.5 oz and was 20.5 inches long. She shrunk...
2. But now she's well over 10 lbs!
3. The alternate name Mommy and Daddy considered was Cassandra Rose.
4. If she was a boy, Piera would have been named King.
5. She'll take her first airplane ride on February 25. She'll be two months old since...
6. She was born on Christmas Eve.
7. It was a very fast labor. Mommy was only in the Birth Center for three hours and forty-five minutes before Piera arrived. She was born "sunnyside up", just like her mother.
8. She likes to wake up with the roosters, but then she usually goes back to sleep.
9. She can relate to the Princess and the Pea. Napping is much easier in her carseat, stroller or Mom and Dad's bed than in her bassinet. The mattress is too hard for sleeping!
10. She looks just like her mom and mom's siblings did when they were babies.
11. Her eyes are blue and Mommy doesn't think they're going to change.
12. When she had a bad case of baby acne at 3 weeks old, Mama took Piera to the pediatrician; it went away the next day.
13. She's a l'il fashionista: Her favorite clothing brands are Baby Gap, Janie and Jack and Carters.
14. And she already owns Converse, gladiator sandals, Crocs and furry boots—but she doesn't walk yet.
15. She sucked her thumb in utero.
16. She nurses and bottle/formula feeds. She doesn't believe in "nipple confusion".
17. Her appetite is prodigious.
18. Daddy makes her smile and laugh a lot; his voice is funny!
19. Lots of people think she's a boy, but Uncle Chris just calls her "it".
20. Mommy wants her to take ballet and Daddy wants her to play baseball—someday.
21. She loves other kids. When her friend Elijah came to visit, Piera kept trying to touch and grab him but Mommy wouldn't let her...
22. Not that Piera usually listens to much of what Mommy says.
23. Sometimes she has tummy time on her Gymini playmat.
24. The first movie she saw was Benjamin Button. She let out a big fart during one of the quiet scenes.
25. She loves to cuddle. If you let her, she'll sleep on your chest for hours.

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